A Permanent Legacy For Future Generations

Some YHB clients want to take a long term approach to philanthropy. YHB has established a charitable entity to facilitate the philanthropic interests of its clients. Clients establish and name their own Donor Advised Funds to simplify their charitable giving activities. Clients control how and when they give to the charities of their choice, and maintain control over the investments. Their funds can grow, perpetuating specific values and developing into a family legacy of generosity.

YHB currently manages 45 donor advised funds with assets totaling approximately $16.4 million. For quarter ending June 30, 2021, our funds made grants totaling over $292,000 to charities.


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Our Client Services

Third Party Custody

Through our third-party custodians, we provide clients efficiency, safety and low cost in the custody and administration of their assets. We are independent and have no direct custody role.

Trustee Services

Because of the relationships we build with clients, some YHB clients have asked officers or portfolio managers to provide trustee services.