Safekeeping of Our Clients’ Assets

An important component of our work is the integrity and safety of our clients’ assets. As with our investment advice, we are independent and objective, and our firm plays no direct custody role. While we can work with other clearing firms if directed, we clear primarily through either Pershing, LLC, a division of Bank of New York, or Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

These firms provide the following services: custody of assets; administration of dividends, interest, stock splits, mergers and other corporate actions; comprehensive monthly statements; access to trading in all major markets; a broad range of cash management services; competitive clearing charges/commissions; and financial strength.


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Our Client Services

Trustee Services

Because of the relationships we build with clients, some YHB clients have asked officers or portfolio managers to provide trustee services.

Charitable Endowment

Some YHB clients want to take a long term approach to philanthropy. YHB helps clients establish their own Donor Advised Fund in their name.