Protecting and Securing Your Wealth

As we work with clients over many years, we  come to know their families, dreams, goals and philosophies.  Through their estate planning documents, clients strive to perpetuate their wealth and values and create the peace of mind that their assets and their families will be well cared for after their passing.  Some clients utilize Charitable Remainder Trusts to support charitable interests they value.  Others set up trusts to support further generations or care for family members who are not able to manage their own affairs.  Others use trusts to protect children and grandchildren from the pitfalls of bad investment decisions or the advice of badly trained or dishonest advisors.  Others simply want someone to step in to help manage their affairs if they become ill or unable to do so themselves.  Over the years, many of our clients have approached us and asked if we would be willing to serve as trustees in their estate planning documents.  They have expressed a desire for us to continue providing sound investment counsel to their heirs in the event of their death or disability.  They are increasingly uncomfortable with the large, impersonal and ever-changing institutional trustees with whom they and their families have no real connection.  We are pleased to be able to provide such services for our clients.

By Connecticut law, YHB Investment Advisors, Inc. itself cannot serve as a corporate trustee.  However, any officer or portfolio manager can serve individually as a trustee.  Acting in this role, they can provide the following: investment counsel and management through YHB; asset custody; personal interaction with settlors and beneficiaries; report preparation and tracking of income and distributions; continuity; coordination with attorneys, accountants and probate courts as required; and periodic payments to beneficiaries.

Our officers and portfolio managers are available to act as trustee, co-trustee, or successor trustee of both living and testamentary trusts, including irrevocable life insurance trusts.  If you have any interests in these services, please contact any of our portfolio managers.  We would request the opportunity to review any existing document in which we are named.  While we do not draft legal documents ourselves, we can assist your attorney with such documents or with the creation of new trusts.  We will provide a document checklist of provisions we may require in your document.


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Our Client Services

Third Party Custody

Through our third-party custodians, we provide clients efficiency, safety and low cost in the custody and administration of their assets. We are independent and have no direct custody role.

Charitable Endowment

Some YHB clients want to take a long term approach to philanthropy. YHB helps clients establish their own Donor Advised Fund in their name.