A Robo-Advisor builds and maintains investment portfolios based on automated computer algorithms. After you input your age, financial goals and risk tolerance, the algorithm invests your funds, primarily in ETFs. Robo-Advisors have relatively low fees and minimums and could be ideal for new, young investors.

More complex clients benefit from an investment advisor who helps them determine their asset allocation based on their financial goals and risk tolerance. For only a slightly higher fee, this guidance will contribute to a more personalized and effective financial plan. As your life gets more complicated, you need to make difficult decisions regarding saving, spending and paying taxes in order to leverage your finances. Investment advisors can customize your portfolio to meet your needs throughout the life stages of asset building, retirement and estate administration. Investment advisors can help you understand the wide range of investment options that are available to you, such as individual equities, bonds, annuities and insurance. Robo-Advisors will provide none of these options. With an experienced investment advisor, you can call at any time for answers to your questions and coaching through life’s difficult decisions.