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Investment Approach

Our Investment Management Philosophy 

At YHB Investment Advisors, we believe that well-constructed portfolios designed to meet clients’ investment objectives are the best way to achieve long-term financial goals. Our investment philosophy encompasses the following principles:

Asset Allocation:

We determine a customized blend of equities and fixed income dependent on client objectives, risk tolerance, cashflow needs, tax efficiency and legacy objectives.   

Portfolio Management:

Our customized portfolios consist primarily of individual stocks and bonds, or related funds, which are carefully researched and selected through a rigorous analytical process.


A portfolio that is diversified across sectors and that contains complementing securities is a key tool to enhancing portfolio returns while also managing and reducing risk. 

Long-Term Approach:

We invest for the long term and portfolios are substantially fully invested at most times. While we reject the concept of market timing, we do recognize that the fear/greed cycle is a powerful, emotional force that creates opportunities for investors. 


We recognize the benefits of the power of compounding with the historically attractive returns in the capital markets. We manage portfolios in an efficient manner designed to minimize taxes and transaction costs.

Customized Portfolio Management

YHB Investment Advisors develops a personalized portfolio that is individually tailored to each of our clients to help them achieve their established financial goals and needs.

Equity Investment Strategy

YHB favors the ownership of stocks of what we deem to be high-quality companies with a history of strong earnings growth and corporate management with demonstrated success in adding to shareholder value. Our decisions are based on sound judgment from significant individual and collective experience. Our selection process incorporates the following factors:

Analytical Research

Relative Valuation

Cash Flow Projections

Management Review

Fixed Income Investment Strategy

YHB Investment Advisors manages fixed-income investments with the objectives of creating stable portfolios, dependable cash flows, and predictable rates of return with relatively limited levels of risk. For these reasons, bonds can play a vital role in almost all portfolios. Our fixed-income strategy focuses on the use of individual bonds tailored to meet each client’s portfolio needs. In acquiring individual bonds, we emphasize:

Quality investment-grade vehicles


Yield maximization

Minimized credit and interest rate risk

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