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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

The Town That Cares

YHB is a longstanding community partner with The Town That Cares, a special fund established by the Town of West Hartford’s Department of Human and Leisure Services. The fund offers low-income residents assistance with basic necessities such as food, utility bills, shelter, and transportation. The Town That Cares is 100% funded through contributions from generous individuals, businesses, and community groups. YHB supports The Town That Cares fund throughout the year both financially and through volunteerism. The most recent efforts included food donations to the Food Pantry.

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Westmoor Park

YHB is involved also in our community by partnering with Westmoor Park, an environmental, agricultural, and horticultural education center in West Hartford that is dedicated to raising awareness and appreciation of the natural world. Since 1999, Westmoor Park has dedicated farmland for Plant A Row for the Hungry, a national public service campaign in which volunteers grow vegetables for less fortunate neighbors. Westmoor Park has designated a half-acre for this dynamic program, where volunteers help to organically grow vegetables and herbs. The fresh produce is donated to a local shelter in Hartford and senior centers in town. Our 2021 service project with Westmoor Park included planting, maintaining, and harvesting vegetables on several occasions. In September of last year, our employees helped the park to prepare for their 9th annual Feast on the Farm community fundraising event, where a farm-to-table gourmet meal was served al fresco to over 100 patrons at communal tables at the park. As a Silver Sponsor, YHB proudly supported the Feast on the Farm fundraiser in both 2019 and 2021. YHB’s mission of helping clients plant financial seeds that are cultivated to provide sustenance and a foundation for financial security is parallel to helping our community to sow and grow vegetables to provide healthy food for our neighbors.

Client Centered


Throughout the year, the employees of the firm donate personal time, effort, and money to support the initiatives of many charitable causes and organizations subsisting on local causes in the greater Hartford and West Hartford areas. Our staff also supports education and medical initiatives, which includes a hospital in Ecuador that was founded by YHB Investment Advisors founder Paul Martel.

FIBUSPAM is an Ecuadorian nonprofit entity whose goal is to provide high-quality health and social services to those in need in Ecuador. FIBUSPAM operates its own hospital in the city of Riobamba. The hospital offers medical services to thousands of people each year through its lab and clinic. Roughly eight different specialties are offered at the hospital, including general medicine, dentistry, gynecology, and ophthalmology. The hospital also has a surgical unit with two operating rooms that provide hundreds of surgeries each year. FIBUSPAM organizes many “caravanas”, or caravans, to bring medical care to remote communities in Ecuador. Lastly, FIBUSPAM arranges for surgical care for critically ill children who must travel to the U.S. for acute care.

A sister organization, Partners for Andean Community Health (PACH), Inc., is a U.S. 501c3 that exists solely to provide financial support for FIBUSPAM in Ecuador. Through its wide-ranging relationships with physicians from many countries, NGOs, and volunteers, PACH is able to continue its mission of providing care to thousands of people throughout Ecuador.

FIBUSPAM is an acronym for its formal Spanish name, Fundacion Internacional Buen Samaritano Paul Martel.