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Investment Management Services For The Patient Investor

Whether you are a hardworking professional, a business owner, a recent retiree, or you manage a nonprofit organization, YHB will ensure that your assets are managed with the utmost care. Our experienced financial professionals can address your concerns with our tailored solutions.

Our investment management services are focused on an individualized approach. We invest primarily in individual stocks and bonds, which achieve efficiency, transparency, and a high level of customization that benefits our clients. YHB also offers retirement planning, estate planning, trustee services, and assistance with charitable giving via the YHB Charitable Endowment. For a detailed list of the services that we offer, please review the columns below.

Investment Management

Corporate Bonds

Municipal Bonds

Common Stock

Treasury Bonds

Treasury Notes

Mutual Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds

Financial Planning & Support

Retirement Plans


Social Security

Profit Sharing Plans

401(k) Plans

College Savings Plans

Traditional IRA

Roth IRA


Simple IRA

Brokerage Accounts

Estate Planning

Estate Plan Guidance

Document Review

YHB Charitable Endowment

Trustee Services*

*Provided independently by some YHB Portfolio Managers.

What To Expect

Our goal is to build long-term, lasting relationships with our clients. Successful client relationships are based on understanding and communication. We begin by learning about you and your financial goals during the onboarding process, but the communication does not end there. YHB will build an investment plan that evolves as your life and needs change. We are ready to serve as a knowledgeable resource for you and your family.


 We help our clients establish clear priorities and realistic investment objectives through a detailed discussion of each client’s expectations, risk tolerance, income needs, and special requirements. We then design an investment policy with the goal of efficiently balancing a combination of risks and expected returns. 


We will communicate frequently to identify changes in your plans or unseen obstacles in your life and we will address those needs on an ongoing basis. We are always available to answer questions or to address concerns.

Quarterly Reporting

Your investment results are evaluated and summarized at the end of each quarter. We will provide performance measurement so you know exactly how your investments are working for you.

Review Meetings

Portfolio review meetings are held based on your individual circumstances and interest level. We will also address inquiries from accountants, attorneys, and other professionals who support you. 

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