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We Believe Teamwork Leads to Better Ideas and Results

Our experienced portfolio managers and support staff work together with the goal to provide excellent investment advice along with personalized service. Our investment culture encourages collaboration across the broad spectrum of disciplines.

Portfolio managers have significant training and experience in finance and investment management, and several team members have earned the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

We feel we provide the breadth of knowledge of a larger firm, but are small enough to develop meaningful relationships with our clients and their families.

Our Vision

At YHB Investment Advisors, we aim to provide excellent investment management, sound advice and personalized service to individuals, families, institutions and non-profit organizations.  We build long term relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, trust, integrity and caring.  Through these shared values, we believe we enhance the lives of our clients and their families.

We always put our clients’ interests first and adhere to the highest ethical and fiduciary standards.

“We believe we provide the breadth of experience of a large firm but are small enough to give customized attention and service to our clients.”


Our Comprehensive Approach

Working with YHB, clients can expect well-informed and objective advice. Sensible, research-driven investment management and high quality client service form the foundation on which we have earned our clients’ trust and loyalty. Our investment professionals focus on developing prudent strategies based on individual financial concerns and objectives. We derive great satisfaction from helping investors achieve their financial goals.

Our team of experienced portfolio managers engages our clients in the process of investment planning. We take time to listen to and understand our clients’ investment goals.

Our portfolio managers possess a wide breadth of experience. This professional depth lends insight and rigor to our investment process and decision making, which we consider an important advantage. Each manager works directly with a limited group of clients to develop strong relationships and deliver personalized service, customized portfolio management and sound advice. Managers may also work closely with clients’ other trusted advisors, such as accountants, attorneys, trustees and executors.

Upon request, YHB can also guide clients on a variety of other important financial decisions, such as retirement or estate planning, saving for college or elder care, or a review of insurance policies or wills. These additional services are offered at no extra cost to clients.

“With each client, YHB develops a disciplined, diversified portfolio that is individually tailored to help achieve established goals.”

Years of Longevity
Assets Under Management

The History of YHB

In 1989, Paul Martel formed YHB Investment Advisors with the goal of providing independent, objective investment management to wealthy clients and their families as well as retirement plans, corporations and non-profits.  Many of our original clients are still with us today and originated from YHB Consulting, a business succession consulting firm founded in 1988 by Gary Youell with other partners. Neil Kelleher, our Senior Investment Officer for many years until his retirement in 2015, joined the firm in 1993 bringing significant institutional experience in equity management. Mark Everette (Chairman & Chief Executive Officer) and Dennis Hannigan (Chief Investment Officer) joined over the next few years. The firm grew steadily and Karen Dootson, Jessica Kott, Linda Morel, Judy Havard, Matt Manning, Elisha Defeo and Anne Space joined the firm and are currently serving as Senior Portfolio Managers.  Diane Daley and Grace Petrarca round out the staff of Portfolio Managers. Michelle DiMartino is our Chief Compliance Officer.

Our tradition of excellence in client service is rooted in years of employee dedication.   Kate Foley has been with YHB since its inception in 1989 and Jenny Gordon joined our team in 1996, both as Senior Portfolio Administrators.   Our newer staff continues this proud tradition.

Early in our history YHB began partnering with Pershing, now a Division of Bank of New York Mellon, to provide institutional custody and clearing services for YHB clients.  The firm expanded custody options by adding Charles Schwab in 2001 with the goal of providing its clients the highest quality institutional clearing services at the most competitive cost.

In March 2014, the company reached an important milestone with combined assets under management and advisement topping the one billion dollar mark.  On January 2, 2015, YHB had the honor of ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange capping its proud 25 year history of growth through client service.


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With each client, YHB develops a diversified portfolio that is individually tailored to help achieve established financial goals.

Client Services

Each client works closely with an investment manager and a portfolio administrator who are familiar with all aspects of his or her accounts.

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Our experienced portfolio managers and support staff work together with the goal to provide excellent investment advice along with personalized service.